WELCOME TO Pacific Ocean Fisheries

PT. Pacific Ocean Fisheries is a registered under a fishing and fish processing industry. A processing plant has been built for processing at Katsuobushi value added products and frozen fish.

Located in the northern Maluku, PT Pacific Ocean Fisheries (POF) is located in of Indonesia's prime fishing grounds. Surrounded by thick rain forest, clean air and ocean untainted by modern day pollutions. we are situated in one of the world's truly "untouched" regions. Striving to continuously grow as a fisheries and a seafood processing company, POF will continue to emphasize and prioritize environmental friendly methods to retain the beauty it was first greeted with. From catching the fish out from the ocean and processing that very fish, POF practices a sustainable work ethic, giving the company the competitive edge in pricing and quality control.


" Indonesia's Leading Fishery and Seafood Processing Company "

Awards And Accolades

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- To provide high quality fish to the local & global market.
- To promote healthy eating and fresh products.
- To improve the welfare of the surrounding comunities.